We strongly believe that health determines on what you eat, there is a proverbial saying, “You are what you eat”. Thus, Color King Cookware is not as simple as a cookware brand, but we are a symbol of healthy lifestyle. We start from a place where miracle is made- Kitchen. We provide the most basic but most necessary item in every households- Pot.  

Color King uses a highly sophisticated production process to ensure the ceramic cookware we produced are in a desired standard. We do not only deliver quality cookware to your home, but also eye-pleasing designs that perfectly fit into any kitchen or dining table. We are proud of our after-sale services to ensure every households are pleased at what we provide, its simply because we care.

Color King is rooted since 2013, ceramic craftsmanship is our specialist. It is one of the most traditional production in Chinese history which can be chased back to the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). However, we integrate forefront technology to enhance the functionality of our products, which includes FIR technology. Therefore, the combination of our sophisticated production, a caring brand proposition and aesthetic products are the reasons for you to own one for your family.

Ceramic Pots Color King

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